It's not just climate change - it's Climate Chaos. And it's global.

Climate change, global warming, greenhouse effect - no phrase that currently exists to describe the phenomenon underway suitably conveys the crisis we face that threatens to reshape everything about how we live.

Climate chaos is a more apt descriptor of what happens when you adding energy to the atmosphere:  like what you see when you move an oar through the water, the extra energy trapped by greenhouse gases influences the formations of eddies that disrupt normal patterns of ocean and atmospheric circulation, with drastic impacts on the climate.

Eddies in deep ocean waters can bring nutrients up from deep water, causing plankton blooms (and later, anoxic dead zones).  Both hurricanes and tornados - both are high-energy examples of eddies of energy rotating around cores of different sizes.

More energy put into a system has to go somewhere - and that can mean stronger winds pushing extreme arctic temperatures further from the poles, more evaporation leading to drought in some places, more frequent and severe flooding in others. This can mean both hotter summers AND colder winters in the same places closer to the equator, but milder temperatures near the poles.

Fewer high-energy eddies, more dispersed lower energy eddies - all play a part in defining not just the climate and weather we live in, but what crops can grow, which disease-carrying insects can overwinter in new regions, how

And it's all about the extra energy.

This artwork is intended to link that sense of randomness, energy and motion to the threat we're facing that isn't described aptly enough by any terms currently in use... it's not just change.

It's chaos.

And since I find it  visually appealing, I've made it available through some of the on-demand printers, like RedBubble and Threadless so you can share it / wear it / stick it / hang it / tell time by it / sleep under it  - however you can get the message across, it's time we start getting the message out:

Global warming?  That's just a scientific description of the average impact greenhouse gases have on the atmosphere.
Climate Chaos is Global.