Bloomberg hasn't explained how much of his "self-funding" comes from the wallets of foreign entities and criminals, including Jeffrey Epstein.

Part of the money buying those Bloomberg ads came from Jeffrey Epstein.

Bloomberg's business relationship with Epstein helped him maintain his official cover story while Epstein preyed on girls as young as 11 years old (that I know of thus far), and he did nothing to stop him as mayor.

Mike Bloomberg was on Jeffrey Epstein's household emergency contact list - Bloomberg was who he called when his computers went down.

In his Black Book, Epstein had Bloomberg's cell phone, and private office number, plus his home phone number.

The big question that needs to be asked of Bloomberg: "What was your relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?"

The more complex question I'd love to see someone ask of Bloomberg:

'Self-funded' campaigns run by owners of corporations effectively allow a candidate to use unlimited amounts of money from anyone who can funnel cash through to a legitimate business interest - and that includes foreign interest, corporations, and individuals who would be publicly scrutinized and derided were a mere $2700 contributed to a traditionally funded campaign.

Aside from Jeffrey Epstein, what clients did you have who used services provided by your firms who have been prosecuted for financially and/or sexually predatory behaviour?

Will you allow a full public audit of your businesses' sources of income?"

We need to ensure that the Democratic candidate running in 2020 is free from any personal taint from Jeffrey Epstein - if we don't, we're losing what can be the clear point of differentiation with Donald Trump... and it will be a potential cause of continued harm to our nation.

I'd post the images here, but I've heard Twitter will suspend you for linking to posts with images too, so here's where you can find them yourself:

Google Epstein's black book:  The unredacted version on DocDroid shows Bloomberg's contact info on the 6th page of the pdf file.  Bonus: the same page also contains contact info for a recent recipient of a Trump pardon AND the owner of the helicopter that crashed into a downtown NYC skyscraper -  by a pilot who wasn't licensed to fly in inclement weather - and that pilot's brother is chair of the Duchess Co Republican Party, and was a member of the Trump Transition team.

Epstein's household contact list from the Florida State's Attorney document release: info is in the bottom row of the table on page 46 in the pdf; it's labeled as page 2300 in the document. 

Redacted versions of the screenshots that showed the info above resulted in my Twitter account being put in jail for 12 hour, starting the night of Bloomberg's first debate appearance.

Multiple individuals have reported similar suspensions linked to tweets critical of Bloomberg in the past two weeks.

Democracy is about open communication, not silencing those asking you to be accountable for your business decisions.

Until the point where they attempted to silence me, I was only asking for Bloomberg to acknowledge and explain his link to Epstein, Maxwell, et al., in a non-accusatory fashion.

But actions speak louder than words, which are louder than silence  (unless you have tinnitus).

So.... IMO, getting someone suspended for asking a question in good faith is an act in bad faith.

And we already have enough bad faith in this administration.
Let's nominate someone better.


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