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Bloomberg hasn't explained how much of his "self-funding" comes from the wallets of foreign entities and criminals, including Jeffrey Epstein.

Part of the money buying those Bloomberg ads came from Jeffrey Epstein. Bloomberg's business relationship with Epstein helped him maintain his official cover story while Epstein preyed on girls as young as 11 years old (that I know of thus far), and he did nothing to stop him as mayor. Mike Bloomberg was on Jeffrey Epstein's household emergency contact list - Bloomberg was who he called when his computers went down. In his Black Book, Epstein had Bloomberg's cell phone, and private office number, plus his home phone number. The big question that needs to be asked of Bloomberg: "What was your relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?" The more complex question I'd love to see someone ask of Bloomberg: 'Self-funded' campaigns run by owners of corporations effectively allow a candidate to use unlimited amounts of money from anyone who can funnel cash through to a legitimate business interest - and that includes foreign intere

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